Rambling Blog of a Small Business Owner

Well folks, where do I even start? 

I feel like Mr Steve Bartlett - I hope no one is listening ha

Part of starting my little business was I wanted to make sure I had a blog to run along side, as I do enjoy writing and I think it helps empty out and clear up the mind! 

So Mrs K Vintage, how did I get here? Maybe I don't even really know myself. Being quite unhappy in my job and a few people I loved working with were leaving and starting fresh.

I asked one of the women what she was planning to do, she mentioned she wanted to set up her own business. I had absolutely no doubt she could do it, and not only do it, but be absolutely amazing and incredible at it!

But since the words were spoken, something woke up inside my mind, man I would LOVE to set up my own business. And I knew I was a bit jealous inside! Jealous of her courage, vision and the fact she was just going for it!

But what would I do? What do I love? Am I good enough? Could I actually do it? Don't think about it, people will laugh, they will doubt you, roll their eyes, think you will fail? But why would I fail?

But the biggest question kept me awake at night, why am I not working on setting up my own business? Why had I never tried, I always said I wanted to, but never actually considered going for it?

What was stopping me, oh yeah, money and the lack of it, nothing to sell, no camera, no laptop, nothing at all. I wrote a little list and in my head I kind of had a number in my head of what I would need to just get off the ground and get some of the basics - so with that I just went about my day. But nothing was keeping me as interested and driven as thinking about my little project. Well call it law of attraction or whatever divine intervention - a magical rebate came into my life literally a week later, just a little over the number in my head. Well if that's not a sign to keep going, then what is? OK, I think this means I should keep going.

I found a space I could use from an AMAZING friend (also a business owner herself)

OK well there's even more stars aligned, all of a sudden, those questions I kept asking myself full of doubt, just evaporated into thin air, why can't I do it, actually why can't I? I won't let myself fail! Sink or swim, time to put your money where your mouth it. Settled, I'm all in.

I started to create website and pick up little bits and trinkets, going to auctions, car boot sales, charity shops, oh my god, this is exactly all of the things I love, adore and am so passionate about. I told a few people about my site and my plans, and before I knew it, before I was ready, oh my god, people started buying! I was crying emotional, it was the best feeling in the world

 To be continued......


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